Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just to clear up the bit about the 'Parish Virgin'

Last - well this year - following several pre PW comments about me being 'old' (its all relative) and grey (technically correct if you change the 'e' to an 'a') the gauntlet was thrown down after crossing the finishing line.... The challenge was, of course, to beat me the following year. Well common sense prevailing - and as I fundamentally disagree with the use of humiliation as technique for learning - we agreed that this year we (that's Dad and I) would train and potentially walk with said protagonist. If this was sucessful, then the following year the gloves would be off...
So Mr (at present) Anonymous PW Virgin.... the challenge still stands. If you're up to it, & ready to be named, then we'll have to give some serious thought to training....( note to Dad - walking Hamish and drinking red wine are not recognised training techniques)
Right - that's that one cleared up...... 

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