Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boob's n other Bits

Can't disagree  - its a rather interesting title - let me explain... Dad - a now fighting fit 76 year old - was diagnosed with prostate problems a few years ago (with absolutley no apologies to the squeamish - it's just one of those things that happens to men of a 'certain age'). In fact it was one of the reasons we very nearly didn't enter the 2008 PW.  Anyway...  a fall on the ice in Feb this year (ripped tendon) had him operated on and in plaster for 10 weeks I think it was ( ok so it may have been less but it felt like 10  - not a patient patient!).  The plus side was that  (in a very convoluted way far too tedious and frustrating to mention) this led to his being diagnosed as needing an op on his prostate.... which happened just before the Parish. Stalwart as ever he bounced right back and, along with number 1 and only son, was my support for 2010. This year he's back walking!
So that's part of the 'Bit's (see above).  As many of you know my Big Sis died of breast cancer in 2005. That in fact was the reason Mum got so involved with Breakthrough, and Dad and I started walking - the latter not particulary to raise funds - just to 'do it for Michele' - and also to raise awareness of the need for TLC (touch look check - men and women). And it's not just boobs - there are so many other diseases which, if detected early, really can save lives - bowel cancer being another. So I guess for us its the year for 'Boobs and Bits' . All about not sticking your head in the sand and knowing that you need to take care of your bod and get stuff checked out if it doesn't seem right.....
Ok  - that's that one cleared up...

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