Wednesday, January 5, 2011

171 days (or thereabouts) and counting....

The trouble with numbers is just that - they make everything sound much more definitive. 171 doesn't sound a lot when you say it in the context of  - for example - the global population or distance to Mars... but it's only 5 more turns of the calendar til June and that makes PW2011 just that little bit more real. So time for some serious stuff... Well update from last blog in December. Walking on ice - now that is a skill I have yet to master. A thick layer of glass like shiny stuff all over the pavements and two Springer Spaniels to walk is just the scenario you need for a comedy sketch. The dogs won by several paws. However the discovery of ice grippers not only transformed what was becoming a daily creep along railings to work into the normal aerobic blast past the traffic - it also meant the canine steam trains could be controlled. Thankfully by the time we hit County Clare on Boxing Day the ice was no more. Saw the local Rugby team training on the beach at looked such a good idea... a run along the beach...into the wind  - in soft sand  - air temp about 2 degrees..... still have a sore knee. However onwards and upwards. The 'Parish Virgin' has finally agreed to come out of the closet. Mr Robert Dunn you have been called by name. Have discussed with Dad (very briefly as we had both just come out of the Irish Sea on NY day and at this point were turning a delicate shade cornflower blue) our training programme. Given Rob is relatively fit & healthy and can do the physical cardio vascular stuff himself - we agreed we needed to concentrate on the psychological side. Walking the full route, getting to know and hate the hills  - both up and down - dealing with the monotony of long hauls (Andreas to Lonan) etc. Although we need to finalise this with Rob - we are confident it is a good strategy for a first timer. I left Dad at home tonight working on his training - a box of 24 posh chocs and a bottle of 2001 Shiraz. It's only numbers... 


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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I have been following your blog with interest. I am however as a Parish Virgin struggling with the most suitable type of footwear to wear for the walk. I am currently training (loose term) in a hybrid walking/training shoe but i am not certain whether this is the best type of shoe for 85 miles. What do the experts recommend?