Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoes for PW Virgins

With thanks to Paul for following the blog thus far - and with apologies to everyone about the complete lack of formal training 'notes'  - it's not that they are top secret - there just aren't any. Training walks completed since last blog = O. Plans for training walks with Mr Dunn, PW virgin = O. Opportunity for serious walks = O - just too busy. And what's more annoying - my treadmill thingy I run on is broken - serious undermining of attempts to stay in shape - and unlike MrTaggart (no not the famous one who wins running fell races - the other one from Laxey) I'm not partial to running up, and rolling down Snaefell - ok so it may have only happened once but it still a great chance for me to get my own back... allowing me to finish 2 mins slower than his PW PB last year - and not telling me in time to speed up.

But I digress...(just like Mr T did one year in the mist and ended up... no that would be too cruel). I've been asked about footwear. Again nothing scientific just how it is for us. It's something I took a couple of years to get sorted and as with many things it is personal preference - try a few different types early on  - and then choose a pair and train in them for a few hundred miles! Dad uses good walker/trainers - I use RBK's road plus running because I have such broad feet, and they give really good support. On the day I get blisters - which pop and I walk them in. Try never to remove shoes unless its an emergency - and good socks are essential! All of which probably isn't tremendously helpful....but it has worked for us. Now I did see one person in multi-coloured flip flops at Santon one year......

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