Saturday, May 21, 2011

Destination Ramsey....

Given the prevailing southerly wind, Dad (local met man) decided it would be a tad less uncomfortable to head up north with the gusts behind us - than face a wind tunnel down south and across to Peel. Weather forecast not brilliant for later on... blustery showers coming over from Ireland - but thought we'd go for it. PW training session number 2 was about to commence  - a tad behind schedule admittedly. 9am ETD - 9.20 by the time I'd ministered to needy offspring - down to the prom, round to Groudle, head up North. As usual we encountered manic drivers (many with R plates, but also quite a lot in large chunks of expensive metal) driving at breakneck speeds with no consideration for anything else on the road. Thankfully no one apart from Dad was in ear shot to hear the expletives..... And on top if it all - lots of those irritating little stones and bits of seed pod that get under your sock - they were annoying too. Thankfully by the time we reached Lonan, calm prevailed, normal conversation resumed, and we began pondering which hostlery to frequent for mid morning protein, carbs, and caffine in-take. Laxey seemed a decent spot. 20 mins, one bacon buttie (Dad), large latte and mug of tea and loo break later - we were back on the road. Mum phoned when we were just after the Corony to let us know it was persisting down in Douglas... smugly we reported 'blustery but dry' up north. Oh how we spoke too soon. In scenes reminiscent of PW 2008, as we walked down, up, round, down then up to Maughold Church the heavens did their worst. Several very posh cars adorned with wedding ribbons passed us on the way (if it was your wedding at Maughold this aftenoon - can I just say the flowers outside the church looked lovely, the guests very smart indeed, sorry about the weather, and apologies for the two bedraggled walkers who squelched through your wedding party.) No let up in the rain and wind. Dad was ok - sensibly he had brought his rain proof coat with hood. Me - well I was as intelligent as ever - brought two space blankets, and change of top - but forgot the waterproof. I was soaked. A shared soggy cheese sandwich later and we yomped into Ramsey heading for the warmest, driest cafe we could for a hot drink. Mum and Daughter No.1 joined us, having had a journey from hell over the mountain in the mist. There was only one solution - we needed retail therapy. Despite everything else in my rucksack being waterlogged, the 'plastic' card was as good as new : ) One fabulous fair trade shopping experience, steaming hot shower, and substantial tea later - all is good with the world. Knee not too sore(ish), the pace was acceptable and Dad's leg was ok. If we're aiming to complete our training schedule we may just about be ready in time for the PW next year...!

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