Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Houston we have a problem...

well a few problems if we're being honest.. which of course we always are.. With just over a month to go we have lost the PW Virgin ( not entered unless assuming a hidden identity), not managed any more 'team' training walks since the last blog, been out of action for two weeks, and managed to fill the diary with even more non walk related stuff. Re: out of action. All self inflicted. At my age (**) you would have thought I would know by now that, although the mind may want to keep on playing superwoman - bits of the body disagree. Case in question. I don't normally wear high heels - despite the blatantly obvious fact I am, well, not tall (a fact I think should, if anyone official is reading, be taken into consideration in the PW. I must walk the equivalent of PWx2 compared to the 6ft 2' size 12 feet walkers that stride gracefully past me looking as if they are on a Sunday jolly....)  but I digress - high heels - yes. So posh night out - trying for once to look respectable in posh trousers which need high heels.. end of the night- time to clear up. Superwoman decides that carrying sandbags and heavy boxes up flights of steep stairs may be good training for the legs. That may be - but the back and neck didn't agree. Possibly exacerbated by the attempt to emulate ABBA on the dance floor, plus walking home - well back and neck in agony for a week, immobile for another, and I can just about now turn my head around this much........ On the positive side - I did rest my sore knee for a week - which has done it the world of good. The other half of the team continues to do sneaky training hoping I don't find out. Got one over on him the other day- had a meeting in Union Mills Sat am and had to get back to MASH HQ (top secret training facility for PW No. 1) early afternoon. Lhergy Cripperty beckoned. So long as I didn't look left I was fine. Blast up to top, round and back on the old Castletown Road. Made it for a fab latte, just missing the heros of the PW Messrs Waddington and Lynch. Apparently they'd walked in from Ramsey, via Maughold, and called in for sustenance. Rumour has it they cooled off in the Irish Sea before lunch... now that deserves respect! So countdown training schedule: as Sat is free from other stuff, Dad and I may get to have a blast to Ramsey, or Peel via the Sloc - depends on the weather and prevailing wind. One thing is certain, no matter which beach we end up on - there is no way I'm going in the sea!

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