Friday, June 24, 2011

T minus 11....

and still getting sorted. House like a bombsite (mine and Mum's) with a veritable jumble sale of all weather clothing strewn everywhere. Managed to avoid the weather forecast most of the day.. until the kind man in the shop where I was buying flashing red lights (no comment required.. ) jokingly mentioned that we were due the second apocalypse....PW2008 all over again?? so out came the waterproofs, windproofs, and thermal underwear. But looking at BBC site it's not that bad... so decisions decisions what to wear? We always opt for no back up until after Peel (far too many cars and enough bananas and drinks at the feedstations) - unless in dire straights (good band btw) so fingers crossed we'll manage with what we have. Having rested knee for three days it is more cross than ever....sigh. Dad on the other hand is as fit as the proverbial flea - he'll be the one dragging me along this year! As always plan to get round (so long as everything stays relatively intact) and if the weather is good then we'll have a brilliant walk round the Island. Well what else could I be doing this weekend ..... : )

So from me and Dad..hope it goes really well for everyone. PW2011 over and out..

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