Thursday, June 16, 2011

T minus 8 days......

and counting. We have our numbers, joining instructions and details of car routes, feeding stations and most importantly for some of us - loo stops. Dad had a bit of an MOT - all clear, good psa levels, just need to keep an eye on his kidney function (I do keep trying to tell him that when the Dr says drink lots of liquids he doesn't necessarily mean red wine..sigh). My knee alas is still very cross - so much so that annoyed husband has threatened to remove the plug from my treadmill and cross trainer so I give it a rest.... well I thought a couple of laps of Archallagan plantation with the dogs last Sat would be good training... two laps running that is. Ah well. Did consider getting a knee support when I was in one of our local sports shops recently - alas was faced by so many choices I gave up. I was in there to buy the annual pair of 1000 mile socks.. which sounds simple. When did they decide to bring out so many versions? The first attempt at a purchase ended up with socks that nigh on stopped the circulation to my toes. Anyway have resigned self to having sore knee - and will sneak back on cross trainer tomorrow. Have discussed the need to have a meeting to sort out supplies with PW partner.. not sure when this will be as have really busy weekend (trying desperately to get into the good books of the Director and learn all my lines.....) - things like batteries and petroleum jelly are high on the list (you have no idea how many jars Mum goes through every PW ministering to needy and very chapped walkers) BTW if any of my fellow bloggers have suggestions for best undergarments for blokes walking a long way - please feel free to advise - this is not really within my area of expertise. Girly (under)garments - now that is a different matter. First, and failed, PW attempt  I got the most annoying and painful friction burns on the underside of my arm (caused by a loose and then sweaty tee shirt) and other bits (tight new sports bra.) My underwear advice for what it is worth - keep it cotton, well washed, and not too tight. Forget the need to match colours - no one is looking. Still not sure where so many months have gone... seems only yesterday that it was January - definitely a sign of old age - well that and the fact that I knew most of the lyrics of most of the songs at the Elton John concert tonight!

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  1. Best underwear is no underwear, Stephanie;-)